The Problem with Fantasy

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
The Problem with Fantasy

was never my thing, I always tried to live sex, not fantasize about it. One fantasy I had, though, I was never able to realise, perhaps you wil begin to understand why as you read on.

Sixty-nine may be a nice number, but it also means something else as you all know! However, there are a few problems with it: Doing it with a woman, it's just fine what she is doing with your cock, but what you are doing with her cunt is; first as you suck and lick her clit, you nose is in her vagina. That's alright until she really gets wet, then you have a nose full of juice and can't breath! If you move down to licking her vagina, (very nice too, tastes good) but your nose is in her arsehole! Not good. Another problem is that you need an awfully long bed if you are going to stretch out and relax a bit. Yet another problem, I find, is that the whole thing gets altogether too complicated. Sex needs a bit of concentration at anytime, but what do you concentrate on doing that?

You will realise by now that I write from experience, not fantasy.
If however you are like me and also enjoy mixing it with 'The Boys',
sixty-nine between men is nice and simple. One can suck together or take it it turns; nice and easy. If you can involve another one or two, say your wives, you can pass the cock from mouth to mouth. Great fun.

Now, at last I come to my unrealiseable fantasy. It's one I use when I want an in a place where it is not too good to fumble with my cock, say on a or in the , just to impress the others!

My wife and I get into a sixty-nine position and get started; she on top, me licking her clit, she sucking my cock. Then the other fellow (sorry, I forgot to mention him) starts fucking her from behind. Not in the behind, just from behind, if you see what I mean. He fucks her, she sucks me (he can have a go as well if he likes, I don't mind)
and I'm licking her. He comes in her and I lick up his spunk as it runs out of my wife's cunt. I enjoy spunk. Quite a turn on, if it weren't for the practicalities.

First, where the hell is my real forced anal against her will head? Between how many legs and he's thumping away!

Second, His cock is rubbing like mad against my nose and his balls are xnxxv sunny leone video slamming against my forehead!

Third, She's having orgasms like mad, quite out of control, I'd get my cock bitten off. (My wife orgasms like you've never seen.)

Fourth, I'll drown in cunt juice and spunk.

Well, it's a wonderful fantasy as long as I don't think too hard about it.

By the way, I nearly did manage it once but not though with my wife, but with another woman and a man in a . I managsed to get my head just about right when he came. But there, one must use condoms; no spunk! And sex with my wife and others was always more fun. We could reminisce about it long after.