Geetha my love

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Geetha my love

It all started when I was posted in Secunderabad. I was in mid 30’s and working as a Regional Manager of a courier Company. I was from Calcutta and lacked friends except going to the club and that means having a couple of pegs and playing snooker and coming back home. I was a widower and coming back home meant waiting to go to the office next day; nothing very enterprising.

One day I came back from work and as I entered the house I found a Lady around early 30’s dark complexioned sitting next to my parents and crying. I felt embarrassed first but quickly my parents turned and introduced me, with her staying she is Geetha staying next block. I said ’Hello’ and went to my bedroom. My mum followed me inside and asked me if I would take some snacks as I had just returned after my days work. I ordered a cup of tea and mummy started saying that Geetha was a widow working in the airlines and had a small /daughter/">daughter. She had got stuck in recovering the dues of her husband and was feeling /bad/">bad that she had nobody to help her. Mum politely asked why don’t you be a /sweet/">sweet child and help her to recover. I told her I don’t have time and at the same time I don’t want to get involved in these sort of work. Mum went away and after some time the lady also said bye to my parents and went away.

After a couple of days I see that lady standing in front of the gate of the compound and waiting for a Taxi at about early evening. I stopped the car and asked her if she wanted a lift to some near place or a common place. Incially she hesitated but then agreed. We were in the car were I noticed her figure which was unique. She was shorthaired dark lady with 38-28-36. about 5’ 5’ tall nice looking purple top and jean pants. Seeing her and missing my wife, I started thinking of getting friendly with her. I started talking how God has been unkind towards us and putting us in such a bad state. She looked at me and we both found a shoulder to weep on. She immediately added her two bits into the discussion and we started our ball rolling. I asked her if she is not in a hurry then I would report in the office and join her. She agreed and I drove to my office parked the vehicle did my job and joined her.

She was going to her lawyer’s place so I asked in case she could delay it; we could go via the club. She agreed and we went to the club there I had a couple of drink and she went in for a soft drink. There we sat and both of us let it go. We were just new widow and widower so both of us had a lot to share and weep about. We were there in the club for so long that we forgot about the lawyer. When we realized it had gone quite late so we got up and drove back home. Inside I was feeling quite light as I could speak myself out and hear to the opposite feeling as well. We said goodnight to each other and went of home. After an hour or so I get a phone call from her asking me if I was doing anything otherwise she had something to talk to me about. I agreed to go to a place and after freshening up went to her place. This time she greeted me inside the house and she was wearing a lovelySaree and matching blouse. She said that she wanted to go with me to a palmist staying near our house with me. The thought of palmist got me interested and we locked the house and went to him. She introduced me to him and asked me you can talk about your future. Seeing Geetha withSaree and by the whole day we had become quite close. So more than the interest in the future I was looking at her. She in turn was looking at me. 

After hearing what the palmist had to say we got in the car and was returning when we cross a big garden and the road is quite deserted. There I stopped the car and asked Geetha what the palmist had to tell her. While she was tell me I could not resist but leaned from my driver’s seat caught her head and kissed her on the lips. She immediately sprung back and I let her go. She kept looking at me in a surprised way for about one min; She said ’how did you kiss me’ I said ’see like this’ so I caught her head once again and kissed her on the lips. Again she pulled herself back. She said ’will you take me home now or I will get down of the car and walk back home’. I said ’take it easy’ and started the car and drove back home. All the way we never spoke a word and I was feeling miserable with the whole thing and I unable to control my feeling. She got down no goodnight nothing and walked inside. I went home and no sooner I sat down to think I get a telephone call from her. I caught the phone and said that I was sorry for what has happened. She said, ’You should be’. If you wanted to kiss me, you could have kissed me in the house not on the road. I said ’what’. Now the penalty you pay is come to my place and kiss me ’goodnight’. I was quite enjoying the joke as it was after along time that I was running around to please somebody. I immediately gulped another drink and went to her place. She opened the door and greeted me with a silk light green nigh tee. 

As I walked in she put her arms around me and put her lips on top of my lip. Automatically both our lips opened and our tongue met. We sucked each other’s lips and played with each other’s tongue for more than 15 min then we left each other and she wished me goodnight. By this time my dick was bursting inside my pant wanting to come out and the top flap had got a little wet. I wished her goodnight and nearly ran home. I went to the toilet and discharged myself in her name. After that I had a bath had my dinner and went to bed. But lying in bed I could not get sleep I was just thinking of her till I got up at the middle of the night and I phoned her. The phone barely rang once and she picked the phone she said, ’I was waiting for your call’. I said that I couldn’t sleep but was thinking about her only; She said it was the same with her. We chatted for sometime till we decided that I would kiss her in the morning before going to work.

Morning I got ready for office and went to her place. She was also ready there again we started kissing as if we were waiting when the night would be over. After about kissing her for 5 min I put my hand on her breast. She said ’no, not now’. I said could we bunk office today and she said, ’No I don’t trust whole day at home with you’. I said no we will go out so were, she agreed and phoned and informed the office the she was not well and would not go to the office; I was so thrilled with our first day that I never informed my office. She changed her office uniform and wore a loose top with jeans. We got into the car picked some snacks and tin beer and went to a riverside, which is about 1 hour’s drive. All along the way I held her hand and with both our hands together driving the car. Occasionally I would pick up her hand and kiss it. After a couple of times me doing it she followed it. I was looking straight ahead as I was driving then all of a sudden I found my hand on her bra. She had taken my hand and put it inside her top. I went to hold it and barely did so when she pull out my hand from underneath the top she was wearing and said concentrate on your driving. I said once more and she obliged.

We reached the riverside and laid down a sheet. The place we chose was quite isolated and gave us a lot of privacy. It did not take us long to organize and we started sipping on the beer. I looked hard at her with eyes to say when do we start; she understood and she called me close. She kissed me and my lips started to reciprocate. I was taking some beer and from my mouth putting it into hers and then sucking tongue and she sucked mine. This went on till I put my hand on her breast. It was lovely; I opened the buttons in front and out came the two beautiful ball cover by a lace bra. I was so excited seeing it that I pull her breast from top of the bra without opening the hooks. I mouth my mouth and started sucking it. She got a little hurt when I was pulling it out so she said wait I will give you but let me open the hook. She unbuttoned the hooks and out came the two round beautiful orange. I moved my hand away and started admiring them. She said what happened I said I just want to relish looking at it. Hearing this she caught me and started kissing me and my hand went to her breast I started playing with it sometimes squashing the nipples and sometimes the total breast. This went on and I was taking one sip of beer and pumping into her mouth. 

When this was going on her hand went and caught my dick from top of my pant. I left my hand from her breast and pulled out my dick, which was waiting to come out. I took it out and left it to Geetha to do the needful. She caught it and started pulling it out so the most part of the dick could come out of the pant. She asked me to stop and she turned her mouth and started sucking my dick. I was a vegetarian for quite some time after my wife’s death; so I started enjoying it. Since she was busy sucking I put my hand on her jeans and opened out her button. I went to pull out her jeans but she would not co-operate. I asked her to pull down her pants and she said wait let me enjoy first. I was enjoying very much but I also wanted to suck her together. But the way she was sucking gave me no chance of hold so I said I was coming and I discharged into her mouth. While she was enjoying wwwxxx licking the cum from my cork she asked me to pump her some beer. I took some beer in the mouth and put it in her mouth she rinsed it in her mouth and put it back into my mouth and both of us we had it. She kept her hand on my dick and now I got a chance of opening her pants. 

She pulled it down and along with that she pulled her pan tee. Her pussy now was in front of me. One hand I had on her breast and the other was on her pubic hair. I put my head near her pussy and started moving my tongue on top of her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and started tasting it. Now she took some beer and pushed it into my mouth and I could the wwwxxx get a taste of beer punched with the taste of pussy. It was great. Then She pulled me up and said since your dick is once again ready so push it into my pussy. She said since it is a public we can’t be to long with this. So I took my cork and pushed it into her pussy. She screamed and said something in Tamil Which later I came to know meant slowly. I started doing up and down and she started moaning and occasional speaking a few words in Tamil, which I was not understanding. I started speeding and then she said she was coming I also came with her. I layed down and the cum started falling on her thigh. We got up and cleaned our self and started kissing each other as a sign ok thanks. 

We said this was the start to our new friendship. This went on for few years till she was transferred to Madras. Still today whenever she comes I book a hotel and spend two three days with her and I don’t leave the hotel we order the food in the room and enjoy each other’s company.