The Bet interracial

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The Bet interracial

I have been working at my new job now for about six months now. There is only 2 other guys in the office beside me but. But anyway onto the story. Every Tuesday morning we have our weekly meeting so this morning I was sitting next to Michelle. Michelle and I had become /friend/good-friend/">good friend due to us working on several projects together. Michelle was a very pretty young lady; she had prettiest hazel eyes to go with milf porn videos her short curly red hair.

Michelle was not /fat/">fat but she thick in all the right spots from what I could imagine. She did not wear real revealing clothes but I knew she had a nice wide ass and a nice set tits just from looking at how they looked under some of her shirts. Anyway onto the bet the director was saying that in the morning she would announcing who had got the quarterly bonus this month so I lean over to Michelle and ask her who did she think was going to get it? So she said that she thought that Tammy was going to get it I said no I think Leah is going to get it. So Michelle sits there for a minute and say lets make a bet on who is going to get it. So I say what the hell BET!!! So I ask her what do I get if I win she looked at me and said u call it so I sat there trying to think of something so I said you call it. Michelle said tell you what we will wait till after the announcement then Ill tell you so I said deal. So the day went on and Michelle would send me emails talking about get ready to pay up LOSER!!! and I would reply I aint lost yet it might be you. 

Well the next morning I had to drop some files off to one of our clients on my way to work so when I walked in the office the first person I saw was Michelle. So I say whats up and she says good morning LOSER Im like yeah right so I walk around the corner and there is Tammy standing there with her bonus check in hand waving it back and forth so I congratulate her and keep going to my desk. So now im sitting here wondering what /crazy/">crazy shit Michelle is going to have me doing. So I proceed to get my agenda together for my daily task that I need to complete today. Im sitting there working when I get an email from Michelle asking was I ready to pay up so I reply back yeah I guess. She emails me back and ask me what did I have planned for Friday night I replied that I was going to have a couple of drinks with some of my homeboys and that was all. So she emails me that the rest of the night is hers so do not make any more plans. So I say ok what do I have to do so she says she will give me instructions later and not to worry it was nothing /bad/">bad. So the day goes on and Michelle will not even give me a clue but she always has a devilish grin and walks away. 

So here we are 2 days later and she still has not told me anything. About 2pm I come back from lunch and check my email. Michelle has sent me an email that says here are your instructions in your bottom drawer there is an envelope with a pass key to the gate to my apartment and key to my front door I will be waiting for you at 10pm. So I go around to Michelle’s desk and she is not there so I another lady if she knew where Michelle was and she said that she was gone for the day so I went back to my desk trying to figure out what she had in mind for me. So I went home didn’t think much about it till I went to bed just laying there thinking I said to maybe she wants me to cook dinner.
The next morning I arrive to work and immediately go to Michelle’s desk only to find out that she had taken the day off. So now I’m left to wonder all day what the Hell I had to do. Later on that day I had to sit in on a conference call and when I had returned to my desk Michelle had sent me an email saying that she was looking forward to tonight and that she would be waiting for me. After this I was really trying to figure out what she really had on her mind. Well the rest of the day went by pretty fast. I went and met my homeboys as planned. So I was leaving the bar when I realized that it was 10:30pm. As I pulled thru the gate and found Michelle’s apartment I looked at my watch and it was now 11pm. As I eased up to the door I waited a minute to listen to see if I heard anything, all I heard was some music playing. 

As I opened the door I stuck my head in and looked around I did not see Michelle so I called her name. She said Sean is that you I said yeah it’s me so she said come on in and lock the door she would be right out. I turned and locked door and when I turned back around there was Michelle standing there with nothing on but a pink see thru robe that came to the top of her thick hips. As I focused of the most beautiful set of dark pink nipples I had ever seen Michelle said that she had been waiting and she did not think I was going to show up. I did not say anything I was still focused on her body so she walked up to me and took my hand and placed it on her left tit and I was surprised to see that it was as firm as it looked. Sean Michelle said as came back to myself I want you to FUCK ME!!!! to pay off your bet do you think you can handle that? Before I could move or say anything Michelle gave me bout the most passionate kiss I believe I had ever had I finally spoke and said with encouragement like this that who can resist. 

So Michelle kissed me again so now I began explore her thick wide ass and she began to moan in my ear oooooo that feels so good. Michelle takes me by the hand and leads me to her room and drops her robe on the floor and turns to me and says I have been waiting for you all day. As I walk up to her from behind and began to kiss her on her neck and squeeze on her /nipples/big-nipples/">big nipples she was saying that she had wanted me for so long and that felt so good!!!! Michelle turned around and said you know that you have the sexiest lips for a black man I could kiss you all night so I said well if that’s what you want to do we could just do that. As she was taking my shirt off and kissing my chest she no she would say that for later but now she wanted to know if the myth was true. So I said what myth and Michelle looks at me with those beautiful hazel eyes and says if black men have /big/big-cocks/">big cocks!!!!! As Michelle began to unbutton my jeans I said well I don’t know bout all black men and then she sticks her hand in side my boxers and finds my cock and grabs holt of it. So now it beginning to swell and she looks at me and says I believe I have found something that I have looking for so Michelle pulls my pants and boxers down. As my semi erect cock comes into view Michelle takes my cock and begins to slowly stroke my cock as it continued to grow to its full length of 10 inches Michelle says I have never held a cock this big. I told her well it was hers all night so she do what ever she wanted to do with it. 

So with that being said Michelle pushed me onto the bed and fell on top of me she began to kiss her way down my body she finally reached my blowjob porn videos cock as she grabbed my cock and began to lick the shaft up one side and stop at the head to give it some extra attention and then down the other side. Now she was giving me a mind blowing head job she was giving a wonderful had job with one hand and massaging my balls with the other hand!!! She was driving me crazy so I was close to cumming so I told her that I was fixing to cum!!! Michelle took my cock deep as she could and speeded up her hand job. As I began to cum Michelle held my cock in her mouth and stroked it faster as I shot load after load into Michelle’s pretty mouth. After she cleaned my cock up with her tongue she layed on top of me and kissed me again and then she said that we were going to have to work to get my /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock into her pussy!!! I told her that I knew a couple ways we might try so I rolled her over and now I was on top and she said that she had been waiting for this all day. So I began to kiss and suck on her beautiful /nipples/thick-nipples/">thick nipples she was now moaning so I kissed my way down and spreaded her thick thighs to find a set of pussy lips that make you want to suck all night. So as I gently lick her lips teasing her the whole time I finally part them and give her a tongue assault that she would not forget, As I found her clit I began suck on it and she bucked her hips and said OOOOOOOOOOOO SSSSSSSSEEEEAAAAAANNNNNN I’m Cumminggggggggg!!!!!!!!!! After Michelle had came several more times I worked my way back up to those nipples and gave them some more attention Michelle then said Sean I am ready for you to FUCK ME with you thick cock!!! So I looked into her hazel eyes and she I need you inside me so I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy she opened her thighs as for as she could I put the head in and slid in a little ways. Her pussy good and tight not to mention that she was on fire. 

She had her eyes closed tight so I leaned down and kissed her And asked her if she was alright she said that she was never better!!!! So I began to slide even further into her pussy and Michelle whispers that’s she has wanted to me to fuck her every since I started to work and that she was CCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNGGGG!!!!!! So I stopped to let her orgasm past so as she came down from orgasm I pull out and start in again and Michelle says that cock is so good and I say wait till I get it all the way in and she looked at me and says put it all the way in now!!! So I began to slowly push in and I am going deeper than I was before Michelle is holding on to my waist with her eyes closed and her mouth open but nothing was coming out so I continued on my journey to the bottom of her pussy. I finally am all the way in and her pussy is like a vise because she is in the middle of another orgasm. So I leave my cock in and kiss Michelle and she hugs me tight and says that my cock feels so good in her pussy and that it will never be the same. Michelle then says that her pussy is mine when ever I want it and for me to keep the key to her apartment and I say well we will talk about that later. So I began to slowly fuck Michelle and she was cumming every other stroke. She was moaning how she loved my thick black cock deep in tight white pussy. As my balls began to tighten up I began to pick up the pace Michelle’s moans turned into screams of pleasure yes fuck me Sean fuck me with that /dick/big-dick/">big dick of yours and I am steady driving in and out of her I slam my cock all the way in her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and begin to empty my hot load deep in her pussy She begins to scream SSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As she kisses me and I slip my softening cock out of her pussy she say thank you and know one had ever made her pussy feel like that and that I could FUCK HER when ever I wanted to because her pussy was mine. Then she ask if I was going to bet her any more SO I said lets get thru tonight and we will see as I began to suck on her nipples again!!!!!!!!! 

Stay tuned for stories from the rest of the weekend!!!!!!!!!