Her First Time On The Farm

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Her First Time On The Farm

 Her name was Kelly, at the age of 15, she was only a Freshman in high school, but had the body of a well developed 18 year old girl. She was only 5 2 120 lbs. but had a fairly big chest, and a xxx round ass. Every guy in her class wanted to fuck her, but they all saw her as prude and didnt dare to ask her becuase they knew she wouldnt do such a thing.

The summer was over, and Kelly was off to her aunt and uncles farm for the summer. She didnt have a boyfriend, so she really didnt mind looking over the far for about 2 weeks while her aunt and uncle were gone. She had been there tons of times before, and found it a fun place to hang out and talk on the phone to her /friend/best-friend/">best friend Keri.

They finally arrived and Kellys parents dropped her off. She ran over to her aunt who was waiting in the front yard. She ran over and gave her a big hug. After about an hour of talking, her aunt and uncle got into there already packed up car and drove off.

Kelly went around the farm to explore any new additions. She walked into the barn and saw a brand new horse. It was black with a shine to its hair. She opened the stall and pulled the horse out. Petting the horse with one hand she used the other to grab the comb hanging on the wall. She started to comb its hair and talk in a /sweet/">sweet voice to it. She dropped the comb, and when she went down to pick it up, she happen to see the extremly hard, and long cock of the horse. It had to be 10, 11 in. long! She had never seen such a thing. She never thought of herself as one to get "horny" but this cock made her so wet!

She slid her hand down he skirt and slowly rubbed her lips. She just couldnt stand it any more. She grabbed the /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and slowly started to stroke it. She looked at the horses head and he noded his it to tha same pace as she stroked his cock. She slowly slipped out of her skirt, and pulled down her panty hose. She wanted to feel the cock up against her chest so she slid her shirt off and slid under the horse. She put the hard cock up against her chest and pushed her breast up around it. This mad her even more horny. She slid out of her /underwear/">underwear and started to finger herself. She was now ready to suck his dick, but wasnt sure if she could fit it all in her mouth. She licked the tip of it, and it grew about 2 in. longer. She said to herself "Fuck it, im gonna just do it.". She opened her mouth wide and slid the giant cock-head into her mouth. She then arched her neck so she could slid more of it in. She slid it down her throat until about 1/3 of the shaft was in her mouth. She began to slide her mouth up and down the length of its cock. It started to grow even thicker, so thick she couldnt keep it in her throat any longer. She slid it out slowly until it was all out. By now it had grown to about 13 or 14 in. long and was throbbing. She told herself, she had to have it inside her. She got out from under the horse and pulled the horse over the the hay stack. She lay up on her belly along the hay while pulling the horse up behind her. The horse got the idea and its its front legs up on the hay. It slid right up behind her and tried to push its cock into her pussy. It couldnt get it, so she helped guide it. She got the head right up to her pussy and slowly pushed its head in. The the horse pushed in another 4 in. and she knew it would be hard to fit. She pushed back slowly and about another 5 in. There was still about 2 in. left of the hard cock. She pushed back once more, and could hardly stand the pain. But soon after pleasure overcame her as the horse started to slowly fuck her. She go so turned on she came right away. The scream must have really set the horse off becuase right when she let out a yell, the horse started to fuck her faster and harder. She could feel the thickness grow once again of the horse and knew it was going to cum soon. She wanted all that cum on her face. She pushed back, and took a step forward as the cock slipped almost all the way out, she pulled the rest out and got on her knees under the horse. She stroked the /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard and fast sucking on the tip. soon the horse let porn videos download out a grunt and cum shot into her face. The white sticky substance slowly ran down her neck and over her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. She squeezed her tits as she felt another orgasm over came her. After about 20 min. of sitting in a daze, she got up, put the horse back in the stall, and went into the house to take a shower.

She continued to do this the rest of the 2 weeks. She came to the farm the next couple summers and was sure to head to the barn first. She is now grown up, but will never forget her summers at the farm...