Dancing with Kate

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Dancing with Kate

This happened while I was living in London some years back. 27 years old, I was working as an office clerk during the day, while the evenings were spent on my favourite hobby; dancing. And it was at a dancing course I met Kate.

Kate was the best dancer in the group, and the instructor often used her as an example of how we should do the various steps. She was 30 years old, and a very nice person who everybody got along with. 

This particular evening we were learning some jumps, and Kate with her lithe body were as always mastering the steps at first or second try. Now, I'm not a /bad/">bad dancer, this evening and I wasn't enjoying myself very much, so when Kate came over to me and asked if I wanted to go out for a drink afterwards, I was very willing to go. The only trouble was, I had nothing to wear and my flat was a half hour busride away. 

"That's OK," Kate said, "we're about the same size and I live close by - I'm sure I can find something to fit you." After that, there was no reason not to go, and we walked to her flat, picking up a bottle of wine on the way. 

Well there at her flat, she showered first and I poured the wine and drank a glass. Good wine, Chateau Neuf du Pap’ if i remember correctly. Kate came back, and disappeared into the bedroom. I went into the bathroom where she had laid out a towel, a robe and a pair of black thongs for me to wear. I showered, then dried myself, and put on the /thong/">thong and robe before going into the living room.

Kate had changed into a short, sleeveless black dress. She was busy decorating theliving room with dresses and skirts and blouses. There were long and short dresses, black and white, red and blue, of various forms and shapes (at least, that how it seemed at the time), and I was looking at them,marveling.

"You choose first!" she said, and gestured with her hand. I took a sip of wine, and chose a black dress, took it into the bathroom with me and put it on. It was a little tight over my breasts, but nothing I couldn't handle. 

"How does this fit?" I asked as I came back to the living room. "It's a bit tight in bokep sma pecah perawan the chest area, but not too bad I think." I drank some wine, feeling relaxation coming to me finally. 

Kate looked at me, told me to turn around. "It is a bit tight, and not only over your breasts, dear!" she said and giggled, and handed me another dress - a red one, this time. 

I went back to the bathroom, changed and came back in. This dress was knee-length, tight-fitting and one bare shoulder. Kate looked at me again, critically while I was emptying the glass again. "Well, it fits better but it isn't really you... try this one." She handed me a white one, short and tight with a deep cleavage and elbow-long arms, and obediently I walked into the bathroom again, a bit unsteady this time, and put on the white dress. 

Back into the living room again, Kate had filled my glass and handed it too me. "Not bad, not old waman xxxgx bad at all, dearie," she said and lifted her glass and we drank, "but you can't wear black thongs under a white dress!" I blushed, and started towards the bathroom. 

"Why do you bother going to the bathroom?" she asked. "I'll turn my back if you're worried." She turned around, and I slipped out of the dress. 

"Like this?" I said. Kate turned, and looked me up and down. I blushed a little. 

"No... not quite the right dress... I think blue would suit you better. Try this one, and I'll turn my back again - no need to run back and forth all the time." 

I hesitated a little, then slid out of the white and into the blue one. It was a little longer, and needed to be zipped up the back. I tried myself, but I needed help. "Kate," I said, "could you give me a hand? The zipper seem to be stuck."

"Sure!" came her reply. She came up behind me, and I could feel her fingers struggling with the zipper. The zipper started just above my butt, and her fingers wereoccasionally touching me. Then suddenly I felt her hand slide under my dress, overmy butt and lifting the dress up. "Maybe if I get at it from this side..." I heard her mumble as she was struggling with the zipper, but all I was aware of was that my butt was naked and that the dress had had slid up in front too. The wine and the nakedness and the touch of her hands had its effect on me, and I could feel my cunt getting wet. Kate was struggling back there, or so I thought, but it struck me that shewasn't working on the zipper anymore, her hands were caressing my back and butt. Without wanting to, I pushed against her, and a low moan escaped my lips. 

"I see..." she whispered. Suddenly more sure of herself, she slid the dress off my shoulders and down my legs, leaving me naked before her. She kissed my butt, then kissed her way up my back until finding my neck, while her shoulders caressed me from hips and up to my breasts, which she caressed firmly. She turned me around, looked deep into my eyes, and kissed me deeply, lovingly. 

I hesitated just a little, then I held her and pressed myself against her body, shaking from arousal. Her hands slid down my back, grabbed my butt, and began exploring inward, forward, towards my pussy. I spread my legs, and I felt her finger reach my cunt, gently probing and then pushing in just a little. I couldn't take anymore, my kneesbuckled and I almost collapsed on the sofa.

Kate didn't let me lie to collect my wits, she pulled the dress off me and then sank down on her knees, her mouth seeking my breasts, biting and licking my nipples before kissing her way down, down, down over my belly and as I tensed in anticipation, hertongue touched my clit, and slowly she started licking my pussy.

Softly, gently, tenderly, her tongue explored my pussy, and what little tension I had about /lesbian/lesbian-sex/">lesbian sex evaporated before that gentletongue. I spread my legs wide, surrendering completely before her, as she intensified her licking and sucking and biting I could feel my body start to spasm as I came.