The Game First Time Sex Part 5 Awakening from the Dream rev 1

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The Game First Time Sex Part 5 Awakening from the Dream rev 1

The Game : /sex/sex-first-time/first-time-sex/">first time sex: Part 5 Awakening from the Dream and Pleasing Parvati

*** Please read the following stories that lead up to this point.
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Marcus, Tonya, and I had a great time Wednesday night before Thanksgiving Day. Tonya was not with us, and I missed her. After we finished and extraordinary time together, Donna dropped us at my house, and Marcus stayed at my house that night. I woke him up early on Thanksgiving morning since we both had relatives coming for dinner

?Oh shit,? I exclaimed as I awakened.

?What?? Marcus still groggy from being awakened.

?Oh fucking shit,? I continued.


?Damn, I had the weirdest fucking dream. I feel like Dorothy in the fucking Wizard of Oz when she woke up and her dream seemed so real.?

?What was it about?? Marcus tried to act interested as he yawned.

?I dreamt that my mom confronted Donna, Tonya, you, and me about having sex,? I recalled.

?Fuuuck,? said Marcus awakening at the dreaded thought. ?I don?t like the thought of that even in a dream.?

?Now you know how I feel at the moment. It was so damn realistic. I was so embarrassed during the entire dream. Like Dorothy trying to escape from Oz, I couldn?t escape the thought of my mom knowing about us during the whole dream. Donna and Tonya acted like it was no big deal. In fact they acted too casual about it.?

?That was a dream because Donna would die if anyone knew about all of us,? said Marcus. ?What did I do??

?Absolutely nothing except fuck Donna at the end. indian santali xvideo In fact, I kept thinking that you were no help to me at all,? I laughed uneasily,

?You just sat and didn?t say anything while my mom kept talking about safe sex and shit.?

Marcus was nearly wide awake and laughed. ?But we did have great sex at the end, right??

?Yes, and Donna said you fucked like a rock star,? I recalled.

Marcus liked that. ?Nice dream. What else happened?? Marcus was getting aroused.

?Well, after the embarrassing scene with my mom, we all went to see the new Harry Potter movie. In the theatre, we put our coats on our laps so the girls could play with us.?

?Wow, that sounds great. I?m gonna try that next time,? said Marcus.

I laughed, ?You couldn?t get to Donna?s pussy because she was wearing tight leather pants.?

?That doesn?t sound like Donna. She only wears skirts,? he mused.

I continued, ?One other thing happened at the end. Donna was on top of you as usual, and after you shot your cum, she eased down on your face and you cleaned her out.?

?Wow. That sounds good. Not sure I can do that, but I might try that the next time we get together,? Marcus said excitedly as his underwear started to rise.

?Well I might as well give it a try too,? I said. ?Maybe it?s something I thought about but never got it out of my subconscious.?

?So we?re going to act out your deep inner thoughts? Ok, I can handle your dark thoughts,? Marcus laughed.

?By the way, you were wearing your cargo sage trousers. I remember that vividly, but the brand of pants I was wearing in the dream doesn?t have buttons, yet I remember Tonya unbuttoning my pants,? I recalled.

?Things get all rearranged and scrambled in dreams,? said Marcus.

?Well one thing for sure, you were very protective of Donna and made it clear that she is yours and yours alone.? I added, ?And I wasn?t jealous at all.?

?You know I want Donna more than anything,? said Marcus being more romantic that his years would indicate.

?Yes, I do,? I said. ?Regardless of your age difference, I like you two together. I know Donna feels the same about you.?

I told him everything that I could remember in the dream before I forgot it. Marcus was laughing quite a bit. I was still nervous. The dream seemed so real.Then I told him about the music that was in my dream. He knew about the Dan Band, but he was at loss on the other tune by Phil Collins.

?Tom Collins? Tom Collins is a drink,? instructed Marcus.

?No, no. Phil Collins. He was a singer in the 80?s,? I said. ?It was a great song.?

?Never heard of him,? he shrugged. ?What else did you dream??

?I don?t know. Oh yeah, Donna pulled a joke and said that there was a security camera in Tonya?s bedroom and her father sent the tape of us to my mom. We freaked out, and then she said she was just playing ?the game? to tease us. I also remember you were scared shitless that my mom would tell your mom.?

Marcus laughed. ?Well, don?t be dreaming anymore of that shit.?

?Don?t worry,? I said, ?but that was the most vivid dream I have ever had. I even thought about next week and Tonya and I got naked in front of our webcams, but she doesn?t have a webcam.?

?That sounds fun. I sure would like to see Donna that way during the week,? Marcus pondered.

Marcus went to his house for Thanksgiving festivities, and I went downstairs to be with my family. Watching Macy?s Thanksgiving Parade, smelling the baking turkey, family and friends arriving for dinner, and football are traditions for Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

There were no kids my age at the dinner. Most were toddlers of the younger married couples. I was surrounded by the little urchins. None of the married women were under 30 years old, so I couldn?t fantasize about their pussies, and most were relatives, so the thought of them having sex was repulsive to me, yuck.

All day I was treated as a young kid even though I was having better sex than any of the grown ups in the house could ever imagine. I had to listen to the older guys? stories and everyone gave me advice. Hell, I felt like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, except no older woman tried to fuck me, thank gawd.

Only one glass of wine was offered to me at dinner, while the older folks cleaned out the bar. Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I aren?t into drinking heavily, so I didn?t mind the restriction because of my age.

The next day, Tonya was on the road back to her home and Donna planned to be shopping all day, so Marcus and I played video games and texted both of them most of the day to kill time until we could see them again. Marcus spends most free days and nights at my house since Donna first squatted on top of him and eased her pussy down on this virgin pink meat at my house and in my bed.

Hell, he probably likes sleeping in the same bed that he lost his virginity, I guess, because he stays with me every chance he gets, and it?s fine with me. He has a lot of freedom at my house, and both of us do things that others our age only imagine. We are best friends now thanks to Donna.

On Saturday morning, Marcus went home for a few hours. He was so excited about going out with Donna he returned early and showered at my house. Well, I was excited about seeing Tonya too. He brought his sage colored G Star Raw Rovic trousers that I mentioned in my dream.

I planned to wear Bills Khakis with a button fly and an Asos Bench Elephant Hooded T-shirt. Unlike my dream, I know the pants have buttons and no zipper.

After our showers, we went through out usual routine. Unscented deodorant, Balla Powder on all of our body crevices including, most importantly, between our legs and on our nuts, and mouthwash after brushing our teeth is our normal preparation for an evening with Donna and Tonya.

Oh yeah, I made sure I shaved my balls slick with no stubbles at the base of my dick. Marcus didn?t have to worry about that. Donna had instructed us on all of those details so we would be perfectly prepped for sex. I thought we had to be the luckiest guys in the history of civilization.

Long before many of the modern religions nearly outlawed sex, ancient Egyptians bathed and used scented oil on their genitals. They had no inhibitions toward their enjoyment of fucking. Envisioning Anthony and Cleopatra making love after they bathed is one of my fantasies, but Cleopatra?s virginity was long, long past when Anthony fucked her.

The way I see it, Tonya and I had better sex than Anthony and Cleopatra. I sure would like to write that comparison in history class, but no sense even thinking about that.

Donna?s knowledge and instruction coupled with her natural ability to be free of any social constraints of most girls her age leads me to conclude that she is reincarnated from the Hindu goddess Parvati. The Predating the Egyptians, the Hindu goddess, Parvati, had no inhibitions about love. Her beautiful,dark features were just like Donna whose skin is dark and whose hair is silky like a goddess. Parvati literally wrote the book about making love.

The way I see it, Donna?s devotion to sensuality and uncanny sexual abilities without any reservation must emanate from a former life. She is just too perfect to have developed this elevated state of sexuality in her short lifetime. So while I see Donna as the Hindu goddess Parvati providing /ecstasy/">ecstasy and /sensual/">sensual bliss, I see Tonya as the Goddess Gauri because Tonya?s hair is sandy blonde, she has a lighter complexion, and developed her new found sexuality from Donna, just as Gauri emerged from Parvati.

No doubt in another lifetime, Donna had a hand in the emergence of the Kama Sutra. She is gracious around us while providing us with instruction to heighten our pleasures. While we hadn?t practiced all of the methods and positions in the book, Donna elevates us to sexual sensuality far beyond what any human mortal could expect. Well, that may be a bit dramatic, but she sure knows how to fuck like a goddess.
My parents had just left and said they would be home late which is convenient for us.

Marcus and I hurried downstairs when we saw Donna and Tonya coming up the drive in the boxy Kia Forte. Marcus was the first out the door.
Tonya opened the car door, and we hugged and kissed deeply. I pulled her close to me as I pressed my hand on her butt to feel her tiny ass.

Marcus didn?t miss his cue. He ran around the car and opened Donna?s door before she could reach the handle. As one foot hit the ground, she purposely spread her legs so he could get a glimpse of her panties. I peered upward and saw the gleam in Marcus? eyes as he pampered Donna. She focused straight alain lyle porn on him too.

?Hey cowboy. You sure seem excited,? she observed as she stood next to the Forte, Marcus? so-called ugly-mobile. Marcus kissed her deeply as she bent slightly to meet his lips. Donna is about 5?8?, 173 cm, and Marcus is, well, he is shorter, much shorter. He and Tonya are about the same height. Donna?s long, dark hair is a controlled, messy mane with natural waves and a silky shine. Donna is not into a low-maintenance short-hair pixie cut, but rather her hair is lustfully full, never in place, yet always looks great. She wore a tweed Rebecca Minkoff Colette Zipper Skirt with black velvet ankle high boots.

I stepped back to take a full look at Tonya, top to bottom. Tonya?s attire was equally as stunning as Donna?s. A few strands of her slightly full straight hair cover one of her eyes as she moves her hand to push it back. On her feet, she is wearing ankle high boots elevating her about 3 inches or 7-8 cm. Her full length coat is open down the front, and I see she is wearing a light weight Forever21 snap front twill skirt with knee high socks.

That is so delicately sexy. Tonya had her hands on her hips and pushed her hips out slightly like a model to tease me. I ran my eyes up her socks to her satin thighs. I wanted to lick my way up to her pussy, but that had to wait.

I whispered in Tonya?s ear, ?I missed you so much. Don?t leave that long again.?

She responded with another deep kiss, ?I missed you too.? She reached down and gave me a quick squeeze between my legs. I didn?t disappoint her because I was fully hard.

Marcus interrupted the scene, ?Let?s go see the new Harry Potter movie.? I guess he was paying attention to the details from my dream.
Donna was taken aback, ?We have the house all to ourselves, and Mr. cums-twice-a-night chooses a movie over what we can do for you?? Donna was teasing a bit, but she did think we would start off with a couple hours of sex.

I came to Marcus? defense. ?I think he wants to act out some new fantasies.?

Tonya was intrigued, ?What new fantasies??

Donna smiled, ?What have you guys been up to??

?It?s our secret to be revealed only in the theatre,? Marcus shot back in record time.

Gosh, the little peep-squeak is going aggressive on us. What has Donna unleashed? This is great for the mild and meek Marcus who, by the way, has his characteristic hard-on bulge pushing out his sage trousers.

I?m sticking out quite a bit too, and Donna doesn?t miss an opening,
?If you guys can make it through a movie with those dicks sticking out, I guess we can play along.?

That?s just what Marcus had in mind. They would play along during the movie. I was ready to act out my dream too.

We got in the car, and I didn?t want to replay my whole dream, so I didn?t give Tonya a chance to take my dick out. I preempted her move and moved my hand up her skirt and gently played with her. Marcus had his hand on Donna?s thigh, and she chose some music. I didn?t want to ask for The Dan Band and certainly not ask for any Phil Collins songs because if everything played out like my dream, I might return home to a probing mother.

Fuck, that dream made me feel so creepy and mortally embarrassed that I just didn?t want to make any choices. It was OK for Marcus to choose stuff from my dream, but not me.